The Science and Soul of Living Well

Grief is not a “choose your own adventure”

July 27, 2021

In this episode, I speak with Jesse Brisendine (@jessebrisendine), a best-selling author, award-winning speaker, and world-renowned expert who, in his words, works with individuals and organizations to "move beyond their limitations, unlock their greatness, & build their Camelot." We highlight different kinds of supports that can help us navigate immense heartache when someone we love dearly dies. We discuss personalized rituals and how they can help us create habits and structure that support us through grief. Jesse also generously shares about a unique community-based grief ritual he created (the Sunrise/ Sunset Project) as well as various personal rituals he created to support him in his own grief process. We also talk about ways we can integrate presence with action to honor and maintain a connection with those we have lost. Importantly, we name the complexity of experiencing joy in the midst of grief, which can bring up both fear and guilt, and how we can practice living out the coexistence of our full spectrum of emotions, which isn't something we are necessarily taught how to do. We also highlight the importance of collective healing and ways to educate our community on how they can best support us in times of grief. Throughout, we talk about the importance of practicing more kindness with ourselves in all times, but especially when we are grieving.

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More about Jesse Brisendine:

Jesse is a best-selling author, award-winning speaker, and world-renowned expert who works with individuals and organizations to move beyond their limitations, unlock their greatness, & build their Camelot.  Business leaders, Hollywood celebrities, entrepreneurs, medical professionals, and educators have utilized Jesse's services to break through limiting beliefs, uncover their unique purpose, build thriving businesses, and live fulfilling lives. Jesse is a big fan of buffets, professional wrestling, and finding the silver lining in any situation

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